Made back in 2007, Italian Spiderman was a short film that parodied 1960's Italian B-movies. For some reason, it amassed 50k views on YouTube within a week, and quickly reached one million views by the end of the month. Part of the charm of Italian Spiderman was that audiences thought it was a real movie from the 60's - when it was really made by a group of 20-year-old students shooting around Flinders University over the course of one day.

It was an exciting time for us, since we were one of the first examples of an Australian-made viral video. It spawned fan-art, tattoos, cosplays and even caught the interest of Today Tonight, but more famously it generated this meme:

Italian Spidermain GIF

In 2008, we made a 10-part web-series that continued the story of Italian Spiderman, which was received just as positively. Here's the first trailer: